Ski Shipping Service, Ship Skis, helps travelers ship their winter gear ahead

The process to ship your snow gear to and from the mountain is now easier than ever. As winter is in full swing, and you head to the slopes, the awkwardness of lugging your gear will be no more.

Thanks to Ship Skis, all you have to do is follow 4 simple steps. Before you know it, you will be on your way to the mountains. Seems too easy? Well, that’s the simplicity of Ship Skis’ service.

Ship Skis and INC.COM

Tom Popomaronis, an writer shared his understanding of the hassle-free shipping service, Ship Skis, with the hundreds of daily readers of INC. Tom is not an avid skier himself but was very impressed with what the service has to offer. As the trend of travel picks up for millennials and families around the globe, so does finding an alternate way for travel for your luggage and ski gear to and from the peak. The modern customer expects the ease of accessibility, convenience, and affordability all in one. With Ship Skis, you receive all of these and more. With, you are provided with white-glove customer service from the moment you book your shipment. As we are headed into the new year, the way people travel will steadily increase, converting more users to switch over to services such as Ship Skis because of the duo of the cost-convenience factor.

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Tom’s Understanding of Ship Sticks

The convenience Ship Skis offers its customers is what makes the company so unique.  The 4-step process is simple and easy for any skier to follow. You will never have to leave your home again to ship your snow gear. With an easy online ordering form, you can drop your gear off at a designated shipping carrier or elect to have it picked up. Yes, the carrier will come directly to your business, residence or to wherever you are skiing. From there, all you need to do is pack up your gear and print out your barcoded shipping labels. Then finally you’re ready for a successful shipment.

Ship Skis partners with several ski facilities around the world. From this, they have gained trust from the partner itself and the actual customer. In fact, they have shipped over 200,000 bags successfully since they began business.

The price is the most attractive feature for a Ship Skis customer. Find out for yourself, by grabbing a quick quote for your ski gear today. Ship Skis is over 50% cheaper than going directly through the carrier itself. What more can you ask for? The answer is a hassle-free experience which is in turn inherited from the moment you schedule your shipment. If you still are not sold on what Ship Skis can provide you. Check out the Support Center for more information.

This ease of service can’t be found anywhere else. Ship Skis is the only ski shipping company that allows you to enjoy more time shredding snow and less time worrying if your skis will make it on the plane or not.

How Can You Benefit From This INC Experience?

Although Tom is not a skier himself, he is, in fact, a person who believes in a reliable service. This is the standard practice of Ship Skis. They thrive off making their customers 100% satisfied. They ensure that the experience of each skier is nothing short of memorable. With that being said, when will you let Ship Skis simply your next travel experience? Go ahead and book now!