Travel Tip: We recommend selecting a delivery date at least 1-2 business days prior to your arrival when shipping to areas commonly affected by severe winter weather.

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How it Works

Ship Skis is a web-based service that facilitates every detail in shipping your skis, snowboards or luggage.
Simply register and tell us where you want your equipment to go, and when you want it to arrive. That's it. We take care of the rest. Our priority partnerships with major logistics providers allow us to offer the most competitive pricing, and the most reliable service to and from any location in the world.

Process Your Shipment Online or
Over the Phone
Prepare and Label Your Shipment
Have Your Shipment Picked Up or
Dropped Off
Track Your Shipment While In
Your Shipment Is Delivered To
The Destination
Enjoy Your Travels, Hassle Free


Why trust your skis, snowboard, and luggage to the airlines when you can ship them?
It's what the pro's do. Now you can too, with Ship Skis.
It's the easy, reliable, affordable way to transport your equipment to the resort or mountain of your choice -- guaranteed.

On-Time Pick-Up and Delivery
Print Your Shipping Label At The
Click of a Button
Various Service Options Available
Ship in a Travel Bag, Case or Box
Same Day Pick-Ups Available


Ship Skis takes the effort and worry out of shipping your equipment.
With an on-time delivery rate greater than the airlines, Ship Skis provides $500 of complimentary insurance and allows you the ability to purchase more.
In the rare case that your shipment does not arrive on-time, our consequential policy has you covered to ensure you don't miss time on the slopes.

$500 of Complimentary Insurance
Up to $200 in Shipment Protection
Purchase Additional Insurance up
to $3500
Claims Coverage and Assistance


From Aspen to Zermatt, Ship Skis offers valet service for your Skis, Snowboards, and Luggage.
There's no dragging awkward skis or snowboards through the airport. No expensive baggage fees. No waiting at baggage claims.
Our International Specialists handle all Customs Documentation and Arrangements, making your experience convenient, reliable, and hassle-free.

Ship To Over 220 Countries
Convenient, Reliable, and
We Handle all Customs
Next Day Services Options


Never again will we shlepp our skis and luggage through any airport. We had our skis and luggage picked up at our front door and delivered directly to the resort. We will never bring our skis and luggage on the plane again and have recommended Ship Skis to everyone.

Shipment was easy to book and arrived on time. Ship Skis has exceeded my expectations on many occasions. The customer service department has handled every question or issue comfortably with perfect results.

If you need your snowboard shipped and don't want to lug it through the airport, Ship Skis is the way to go. The cost was also less than the airlines wanted to charge and UPS.

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