Ship Your Skis | 5 Must-Haves for Your Upcoming Ski Trip

Packing for a ski trip is no easy feat. Not only are you packing the bulkiest clothes known to man, you run the risk of getting to the top of the lift and realizing you’ve forgotten something essential. Or, even worse, shown up at the resort only to find out your gear isn’t there because you chose to ship your skis with someone unreliable. Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting and have been stuck without our favorite little somethings mid-ski, and are now sharing our must-haves.


You shouldn’t have to go back to the lodge every time you need to snack on something. Instead, pack a variety of nutrient-rich snacks that’ll keep your energy levels high throughout the day

Hydration Pack

Time flies when you’re having fun! So, you may not even realize when the dehydration sets in. But, chilly climates and extreme sports ask a lot of your body, so carry water – maybe in a convenient Camelback ­– for some quality H2O.


While they’re seemingly two completely different settings, you can get the same level of sunburn high up on the slopes as you can while laying out on the beach. A little bit of sunscreen can go a long way, so don’t forget to lather up!

can you ship your skis during travel

Anti-Fog Spray

Skiing blind is not a trick we care to perform. Be sure to pack your anti-fog spray so that you can see clearly the whole way down after a quick spritz and a nice wipe with a lint-free cloth.

Phone-Friendly Gloves

If you’re making the trek up and down the mountains with your friends, there’s a possibility you’ll lose track of one another at some point. Invest in gloves that are touchscreen-friendly so that you can stay in contact with them while on the slope.

Are you looking to ship your skis?

Have your gear ready to hit the slopes the second you get the resort by using ShipSkis. We ship your snow gear in the most convenient fashion so that all you need to worry about is getting yourself there. So, schedule your shipment and get ready to hit the slopes!

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The Huffington Post for Ski Shipping Company, Ship Skis

Ship Skis and The Huffington Post

Keith Gill, an avid snowboarder and contributor for the Huffington Post was privileged to share his Ship Skis story with the daily avid readers of The Huffington Post. Gill’s story is one of many who understand the personal struggle of lugging snow ski equipment through the airport. Since crossing paths on the slopes in Colorado with a devoted Ship Ski user, he no longer will have to pay expensive rental fees at the mountain. Our company strives to simplify the travel experience for skiers and their families so that in the end, the only memories they look back on are the positive ones.

Read the full Ship Skis Huffington Post article here

Keith’s Experience with Ship Skis

For years, Keith Gill has sought for a simpler solution to transport his own gear to and from the mountain. Because of the unreliable airport handling and costly fees associated with flying with his old school Burton board, Gill relied on rentals which never resulted in the same experience on the snow. He stresses the significant difference it makes of having your own gear versus renting equipment when hitting the slopes.

After diving into our company a little more, Gill unveiled the numerous benefits that Ship Skis has to offer. Hassle free shipping being an attractive reason Gill will now rely on us. He also was drawn to the fact that Ship Skis handles everything from pickup to delivery. If a pickup is however missed, our service will upgrade the shipment at our own cost to ensure the original on time delivery date.

Our partners with resorts, retailers and lodges around the world account for the thousands of users who rely on us to transport their snow gear during the winter months. Since his recent discovery of Ship Skis, Gill will now have the pleasure of utilizing us for his future trips to Colorado or wherever his next snowboard adventure takes him.

What Does The Huffington Post Show For You?

Keith Gill’s personal experience with Ship Skis is like any other recreational Skier or Snowboarder who is not properly educated about our service. At Ship Skis, we strive to minimize the stress on skiers and their families by simplifying the transportation method of their snow gear and luggage to and from the peak. Now that you have heard Gill’s personal account, how will you let us simplify your next winter vacation?

Read the full Ship Skis Huffington Post article here



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Shipping Service | How Does Ship Skis Work?

We’ve all seen that person in the airport: The one waiting way too long for their extra-large luggage only to have to juggle it with all of their other suitcases precariously. The struggle isn’t worth it! And you no longer need to cross your fingers and hope that your skis or snowboard gear make it to your destination on-time. Ship Skis is a professional shipping service that makes this process seamless in just a few easy steps:

Schedule Your Shipment

To ensure that your gear gets to the destination at the perfect time, you need to schedule the shipment accordingly. We make sure that your skis, snowboard, or luggage arrives before you, so there’s no delay in between landing and having fun. Simply click “Ship Now,” set your location and destination, and note if it needs to be picked up or if you’ll drop off!

Print Your Labels

Once you’ve scheduled the shipment, shipping labels will be emailed your way. Print them directly from the confirmation page, and you’re halfway there!

why do i need a shipping service for my snowboard

Prep Your Gear

Get your gear together! Whether you opt for a hard or soft case, just be sure to package it securely. A standard set of skis, or a snowboard, should weigh no more than 25 lbs. However, you can ship more than one set if need be! Also, make sure to securely attach your label using clear packing tape or a luggage tag. We can ensure the safe delivery, and you can keep the gear intact with proper packing practice!

Select Pickup or Drop-Off

This last step is up to you! Choose to have your package picked up, or drop it off at your carrier’s designated location with ample time ahead of your trip. Either way, you’ll find your package awaiting your arrival. And the best part? You can opt to have it shipped back home for hassle-free travel round trip!

Are You Looking for a Shipping Service for Your Next Adventure?

Don’t let adventure wait – use our shipping service! Let us ship your gear and get it there in time to hit the slopes. So, create an account and let us streamline the travel for your next trip!

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Shipping Skis | Why Should I Use Ship Skis?

Getting your gear to your destination isn’t the fun part of the trip. Airports are inconvenient, road trips aren’t always an option, and traditional shipment methods are risky. But, having it waiting for you at your hotel, ski resort, home, or elsewhere can make adventures happen a whole lot easier! Here are four reasons Ship Skis should be your go-to method for shipping skis and snowboarding gear:

Cost Effective

It’s all too often that shipping costs leave us seeing scary dollar signs. And, when sending something as large as a snowboard or skis, that sight is all too familiar. But, Ship Skis offers quality care at a reasonable price. Shipments start as little as $39.99 and are comparable to baggage fees charged by the airlines.

Ship Extras

With Ship Skis, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your miscellaneous equipment! With the proper packaging, you can send your boots, goggles, poles, and whatever else you may need to hit the slopes safely.

why should i ship my shipping skis

On-Time Guarantee

Let the fun begin the second you arrive. Ship Skis can deliver to anywhere except a post office box. That means once you get to your destination, your gear will already be there. However, in the off chance that there’s a hiccup with your shipment, we’ll cover up to $200 for rentals until your gear arrives.

Gear Safety

There’s no bigger buzzkill than damaged equipment. We offer $500 of complimentary insurance on all shipments. And, you can purchase additional insurance up to $3,500 to make sure you’re covered. However, we’re here to make having fun easier and offer the highest quality care of all equipment!

Want More Information About Shipping Skis with Ship Skis?

Have your gear awaiting your arrival for your next adventure! Shipping skis or snowboard, hard case or soft, one set or two – we can get there on time and intact. So, to start the process, create an account today and prepare your gear!

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In the last two decades, as snowboarding has continued to evolve as a sport to be seriously reckoned with, we’ve seen magnificent examples of men and women who come upon that intersection between gravity, speed, and complete daring and make it their own. The months and years of practice—of pushing the limits of board, body, and terrain—culminate in the birth of a sleek warrior, master of themselves, the air, the snow, and space.

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Spring Skiing

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You’re an avid skier or snowboarder who spends every winter weekend shredding your way down a different mountain. After tackling all the green and blue slopes at your favorite resorts, you are ready for more of a challenge. At most ski areas across the United States, that means taking on a black-diamond run.

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Top 10 Tricks to Make Your Child’s First Ski Trip Rewarding

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Why Fly with Your Skis or Snowboard When You Can Ship Them Like the Pros?


Winter is quickly approaching, and soon mountains will be covered in snow. It’s the best time of the year for winter sports enthusiasts who have been waiting to get their skis or snowboards out of storage and jump on the slopes. Unless you live in places like Colorado or Utah and have easy access to fantastic mountains every weekend, it is likely you will have to travel to find the perfect ski area. If you are planning to take your equipment on a plane, you may want to rethink.

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DIY Snowboard Tuning and Maintenance


The summer may not be suitable for snowboarding, but you shouldn’t completely forget about your shred stick until winter returns. In fact, the offseason provides a great opportunity to make sure your board is in tip-top shape and ready to roll when it’s time to hit the slopes again. This means taking the appropriate maintenance and storage measures while the board is not being used.

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