Getting your gear to your destination isn’t the fun part of the trip. Airports are inconvenient, road trips aren’t always an option, and traditional shipment methods are risky. But, having it waiting for you at your hotel, ski resort, home, or elsewhere can make adventures happen a whole lot easier! Here are four reasons Ship Skis should be your go-to method for shipping skis and snowboarding gear:

Cost Effective

It’s all too often that shipping costs leave us seeing scary dollar signs. And, when sending something as large as a snowboard or skis, that sight is all too familiar. But, Ship Skis offers quality care at a reasonable price. Shipments start as little as $39.99 and are comparable to baggage fees charged by the airlines.

Ship Extras

With Ship Skis, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your miscellaneous equipment! With the proper packaging, you can send your boots, goggles, poles, and whatever else you may need to hit the slopes safely.

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On-Time Guarantee

Let the fun begin the second you arrive. Ship Skis can deliver to anywhere except a post office box. That means once you get to your destination, your gear will already be there. However, in the off chance that there’s a hiccup with your shipment, we’ll cover up to $200 for rentals until your gear arrives.

Gear Safety

There’s no bigger buzzkill than damaged equipment. We offer $500 of complimentary insurance on all shipments. And, you can purchase additional insurance up to $3,500 to make sure you’re covered. However, we’re here to make having fun easier and offer the highest quality care of all equipment!

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Have your gear awaiting your arrival for your next adventure! Shipping skis or snowboard, hard case or soft, one set or two – we can get there on time and intact. So, to start the process, create an account today and prepare your gear!