The best way to Ship Skis in 4 easy steps


There’s nothing quite like the thrill of skiing on thick powder and enjoying the fresh mountain air. But, a challenge many travelers face is getting their skis and boots to their destination safely and on time. The burden of bringing ski equipment with you on a flight can potentially result in damaged or lost winter gear, extra baggage fees, and wasted time at bag-check and baggage claim.

Luckily, Ship Skis provides the ultimate solution. Ship Skis is the best way to ship skis and boots reliably and easily to ski resorts across the globe. Whether it’s your snow boots, snowboard, skis, or luggage, we guarantee an on-time delivery no matter where the slopes take you. For those who are new to the Ship Skis service and are ready to experience the best way to ship skis, here are 4 easy steps on how to ship skis and boots with us worry-free.

Best Way to Ship Skis in 4 Steps

  1. Schedule your shipment here. Enter the trip details and print out the shipping label.
  2. Prepare your winter gear to ensure they are protected during transit.
  3. Pack your snow gear in a travel bag, hard case, luggage piece, or a shipping box.
  4. Place the printed label on the shipping container. The shipment can be dropped off at a local carrier location or picked up directly from your home, office, or resort.

Securing the Ski Brake

The best way to ship skis and boots isn’t a challenge, it just takes a little bit of preparation. A recommended practice is to remove or secure the ski brakes. It’s a fairly simple process as it just requires removing a couple of screws to release the brakes. If you are unable to remove the brakes, you can use rubber bands or cable ties when you ship to secure the flush brakes on the board. This ensures the brakes do not stick out of the bag or container.

Preparing your Skis

Preparing your skis for shipping with Ship Skis

Making sure your skis and boots arrive on-time and undamaged during transit is a top priority. The best way to ship skis and boots is to ensure that vulnerable parts like the bindings, tips, and tails are secured. Bubble wrap can be used to secure the ski tip and tail to protect your skis in transit. Cardboard can also be used as an alternative for ski protection if bubble wrap is unavailable.

Packing your Skis and Boots

When shipping skis and boots, it’s important to pack them properly so they take up the least amount of room. Skis should be positioned tip to tail in a shipping container or travel bag. This ensures the bindings use a minimum amount of space while being protected.

Make sure to use inflatable air cushions or bubble wrap if shipping skis in a cardboard box or soft travel bag. Using these packing materials is the best way to ship skis and boots and help the skis fit snug in the container. If you are shipping in a travel bag, double-check that all zippers and latches are secure. Don’t forget that all international shipments must remain unlocked.

Pring Shipping Labels

The best way to prepare for shipping skis is to print an extra shipping label

The last step in the ski shipping process is to print and attach the shipping label. Once the label is printed, affix it to the hard spot of the shipping container. If you’ve elected to ship skis or boots in a soft travel bag, we recommend placing your label on a luggage tag to ensure it remains attached while in transit.

We also recommend printing a second copy of your shipping label to be placed inside your shipment or in an outer pocket in case your outer label is compromised for any reason.

Ship your Skis and Have Fun

Shipping with Ship Skis is the best way to ship skis and boots. You won’t have to lug your skis through a crowded airport or worry about them being damaged or lost. Whether it’s shipping skis, a snowboard, snow boots, or luggage, we can deliver them directly to your hotel or resort. That’s all it takes. Just grab your skis and head to the chairlift!

Travel worry-free with Ship Skis and get a shipping quote today!