Powder skiing

Nothing compares to skiing or snowboarding fresh powder. In fact, powder skiing is what riders wait every season to experience. But, there are a few differences between your everyday skiing vs. powder skiing. Let’s get into it.

Let’s Go Powder Skiing!

One of the main differences of powder skiing is that a lot of your technique has to be modified. Because the fresh snow is fluffy and not hard-packed, it’s important to remain evenly balanced on your skis. If you happen to place more weight on a specific ski, that could cause it to dive into the snow.

Some skiers even opt for wider skis when they know fresh snow is on the ground. It basically provides more surface area between the skier and the snow and makes it easier to balance your weight evenly. 

It’s also important to narrow your stance. Skiing with a wide stance makes it harder to maintain an equal balance. On this same note, you want to stay centered over your skis. Leaning too far back or too far forward can lead to a wipeout. 

When you’re finally riding, it’s best to remain on a downhill line. Fresh powder is naturally a little slower and taking too many turns can slow you down even more. Maintaining a good speed will ensure you don’t sink down into the snow. 

Because fresh powder is deep, it can be hard to get into a steady rhythm. So, if you don’t feel comfortable your first time around, don’t fret! It’s totally normal. You’ll just need to work on finding a rhythm in your turns that works best for you. 

You should also avoid making sharp zig-zag movements as you’re riding down the slope. It’s all about controlling your speed and making smooth, rounded turns. If you make a turn too quickly or too sharply, you’ll end up face-down in the snow!

The most important tip to be great at powder skiing is to relax! Enjoy your day on the mountain, the freshly fallen snow, and great time with friends. And, as always, keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

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