Longest vertical drops

What comes to mind when you hear ‘extreme sports’? For us, it’s skiing and snowboarding. Because for the thrillseekers of the world, there’s nothing that gets the adrenaline pumping as much as flying down a mountain – the bigger the better.

But, when you ask ski aficionados where the steepest drops are located, most point to British Columbia. However, stay south of the border and you’ll find the U.S. possesses some beasts of its own.

15 Massive Vertical Drops in the U.S.

1. Jackson Hole Ski Resort

Teton Village, Wyoming

Starting the list with the longest vertical drop in the U.S. is Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Teton Village, Wyoming. Jackson Hole Ski Resort’s vertical drop measures at 4,105 feet with 2,500 acres of skiable area and an additional 3,000 backcountry acres.

2. Snowmass Ski Resort

Snowmass Village, Colorado

The second-longest vertical drop belongs to Snowmass Ski Resort, the largest of the four resorts in Aspen, with a vertical drop of 4,030 feet and more than 3,000 skiable acres.

3. Moonlight Basin Ski Resort

Big Sky, Montana

The Rocky Mountains serve up some epic terrain at Moonlight Basin Ski Resort in beautiful Big Sky, Montana with a vertical descent measuring 4,016 feet.

4. Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride, Colorado

The second-largest drop in Colorado can be found at Telluride Ski Resort with a vertical drop of 3,830 feet.

5. Timberline Ski Resort

Mount Hood, Oregon

As one of the most exciting and unique high-alpine experiences in Oregon, Timberline Lodge’s vertical drop of 3,690 feet only adds to the appeal.

6. Aspen Highlands Ski Resort

Aspen, Colorado

The vertical drop at Aspen Highlands Ski Resort comes in at 3,635 feet with a skiable area of more than 1,000 acres.

7. Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Yet another spot in Colorado with a steep drop is Beaver Creek Resort with a descent of 3,340 feet.

8. Aspen Mountain

Aspen, Colorado

Colorado is back again with the Aspen Mountain with a vertical drop of 3,267 feet.

9. Snowbird Ski Resort

Snowbird, Utah

The longest vertical drop in Utah belongs to Snowbird Ski Resort. The descent is 3,241 feet with 2,500 skiable acres.

10. Sun Valley Ski Resort

Sun Valley, Idaho

Known as one of skiing’s best-kept secrets, Sun Valley Ski Resort holds the longest vertical drop in all of Utah: 3,241 feet.

11. Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort

Wilmington, New York

90 trails and the longest vertical in the east? Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort truly has it all, with a vertical drop of 3,430 feet and 300 acres of skiable terrain.

12. Vail Ski Resort

Vail, Colorado

Once again, we’ve returned to Colorado at Vail Ski Resort. Vail’s vertical drop is 3,450 feet along with more than 5,000 skiable acres.

13. Snowbasin Resort

Huntsville, Utah

Thirty-three miles northeast of Salt Lake City, Snowbasin Resort boasts an incredible vertical drop of 2,885 feet.

14. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Mammoth Lakes, California

Staying on the west side of the U.S. is the longest vertical drop in California at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. The renowned ski area features 2,885 feet of vertical.

15. Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge, Colorado

Nestled in a beautiful alpine town, Breckenridge Ski Resort’s 2,880 feet of vertical drop is sure to impress.

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