The beginner ski packing list for a ski trip using Ship Skis

You’ve been counting the days, hours, seconds, and it’s finally time for your first ski trip! While hitting the slopes for the first time may seem daunting, we’re here to make the process easier than ever. Packing for a ski trip can leave first-timers baffled. But with our ski trip packing list, you’ll be traveling like a pro in no time.

Everything to Pack on Your Beginner Ski Trip 

Travel Essentials:

On your first ski trip, there are a few items you can’t afford to forget. Be sure to gather these essentials first when you start checking off your beginner ski trip packing list.

𝤿 Driver’s license or I.D.

𝤿 A copy of your flight itinerary and hotel reservations (print or electronic)

𝤿 Ski passes (best to reserve in advance)

𝤿 Charging cords

Ski Gear:

For your first ski trip, you deserve to shred on your own gear! Be sure to include these items on your beginner ski trip packing list to ensure you have all the essentials for your first ride down the mountain.

𝤿 Skis or snowboard

𝤿 Poles

𝤿 Bindings

𝤿 Boots

𝤿 Helmets

𝤿 Goggles

𝤿 Hand Warmers

𝤿 Gloves


It’s crucial to include multiple layers of clothing on your beginner ski trip packing list. Because you don’t yet know how your body will respond to the frigid temperatures, it’s ok to overpack additional base layers and jackets.

𝤿 Baselayers

𝤿 Mid-layers

𝤿 Wool or thermal hoodie

𝤿 Ski jacket

𝤿 Ski pants

𝤿 Neck gaiter or scarf

𝤿 Wool socks

𝤿 Mittens

𝤿 Warm hat

𝤿 Swimsuit & flip flops (for heated pool or hot tub)

𝤿 Jeans

𝤿 Sweaters

𝤿 Sleepwear

𝤿 Undergarments


While you may not be exploring backcountry slopes on your first ski trip, you can consider including these safety items on your beginner ski trip packing list. You’ll find some may seem more necessary than others.

𝤿 Sunscreen

𝤿 Map


𝤿 Avalanche Beacon

𝤿 Probe

𝤿 Shovel

𝤿 First aid kit

𝤿 Headlamp

𝤿 Compass

𝤿 Hand sanitizer

𝤿 Clorox wipes

𝤿 Extra face masks


While your intended destination may offer these items in your accommodations, it’s best to incorporate some on your beginner ski trip packing list as a backup.

𝤿 Shampoo

𝤿 Conditioner

𝤿 Body soap

𝤿 Lotion

𝤿 Razors

𝤿 Hairbrush and ties

𝤿 Glasses or contact lenses

𝤿 Medications

Extra Options:

If you have extra packing room to spare, you can include some of these options on your beginner ski trip packing list. While none are necessary, you may be glad you brought them.

𝤿 Camera or Go Pro

𝤿 Snacks

𝤿 Water bottle

𝤿 Portable charger

𝤿 Waterproof phone case

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