Shipping Service | How Does Ship Skis Work?

We’ve all seen that person in the airport: The one waiting way too long for their extra-large luggage only to have to juggle it with all of their other suitcases precariously. The struggle isn’t worth it! And you no longer need to cross your fingers and hope that your skis or snowboard gear make it to your destination on-time. Ship Skis is a professional shipping service that makes this process seamless in just a few easy steps:

Schedule Your Shipment

To ensure that your gear gets to the destination at the perfect time, you need to schedule the shipment accordingly. We make sure that your skis, snowboard, or luggage arrives before you, so there’s no delay in between landing and having fun. Simply click “Ship Now,” set your location and destination, and note if it needs to be picked up or if you’ll drop off!

Print Your Labels

Once you’ve scheduled the shipment, shipping labels will be emailed your way. Print them directly from the confirmation page, and you’re halfway there!

why do i need a shipping service for my snowboard

Prep Your Gear

Get your gear together! Whether you opt for a hard or soft case, just be sure to package it securely. A standard set of skis, or a snowboard, should weigh no more than 25 lbs. However, you can ship more than one set if need be! Also, make sure to securely attach your label using clear packing tape or a luggage tag. We can ensure the safe delivery, and you can keep the gear intact with proper packing practice!

Select Pickup or Drop-Off

This last step is up to you! Choose to have your package picked up, or drop it off at your carrier’s designated location with ample time ahead of your trip. Either way, you’ll find your package awaiting your arrival. And the best part? You can opt to have it shipped back home for hassle-free travel round trip!

Are You Looking for a Shipping Service for Your Next Adventure?

Don’t let adventure wait – use our shipping service! Let us ship your gear and get it there in time to hit the slopes. So, create an account and let us streamline the travel for your next trip!

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