What is cat skiing

What is cat skiing? By definition, snowcat skiing, or cat skiing, is a form of backcountry skiing in which individuals are taken to a remote area with untouched snow via a snowcat. But, how hard is cat skiing? And where should you go to find the best snowcat skiing terrain? Keep reading! We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the unique snowsport. 

What is Cat Skiing?

Snowcat skiing is an off-piste skiing experience that combines the best of heli-skiing and traditional skiing. Instead of using a helicopter to access remote, untouched slopes, snowcat skiing utilizes a specialized snowcat—a powerful, tracked vehicle designed to traverse snow-covered terrain. These vehicles are equipped to transport skiers and snowboarders to high-alpine locations where the powder is deep, the slopes are challenging, and the scenery is breathtaking.

The Experience of Cat Skiing

Imagine being comfortably seated in a snowcat, traversing through snow-covered landscapes alongside fellow enthusiasts and an expert guide. As you ascend into pristine, untouched territory, anticipation builds for the adventure awaiting you. Upon arrival, step onto vast expanses of powdery snow, ready to carve tracks down slopes that haven’t seen a ski track—this is the essence of cat skiing.

Why Choose Cat Skiing?

The allure of cat skiing lies in accessing untouched powder, offering a pure and unspoiled skiing experience. Away from the groomed runs of traditional resorts, cat skiing provides access to wide-open bowls, steep chutes, and tree-lined trails—ideal for thrill-seekers and adventurers yearning for an unbridled skiing escapade.

Skill Level and Safety

Because you’ll be skiing or snowboarding off-piste, you need to be an intermediate or advanced rider. You will not be on marked trails and will be free riding, so you’re technique will need to be good enough to handle that. In most cases, your guide will point out some line options and advise you on what to expect for each. So, you won’t be riding completely blind. 

Best Snowcat Skiing Destinations

Looking for the best spots? Colorado, with areas like Aspen and Steamboat Springs, is a hub for cat skiing. Utah’s Powder Mountain, near Salt Lake City, offers fantastic snowcat skiing experiences. And for those heading north, British Columbia is unparalleled for its snowcat skiing adventures.

Ready to Embrace the Adventure?

What is cat skiing? Now you know it’s one of the best ways to explore the slopes. So it’s time to gear up for a thrilling cat skiing experience! Ship your winter gear and luggage ahead with Ship Skis for stress-free travel to the slopes. Cat skiing promises a unique blend of adventure, untouched terrain, and unforgettable moments amidst snow-covered wilderness.

Embark on a cat skiing adventure and delve into the world of uncharted slopes – a journey that guarantees thrills, freedom, and an intimate connection with nature!

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