Taking a ski trip to Vail ski resort in Colorado

Coveted as one of the most legendary ski resorts in the world, Vail Mountain is a boastful and striking resort. With more than 5,200 acres of skiable terrain, Vail is one of the largest ski resorts in the nation. Vail not only carries a high ranking worldwide for its size but also their modern and extremely efficient lift system is rivaled by none. The multitude of variations in terrain offer unlimited options for any skier or snowboarder, and off the slopes, Vail Village features everything you would expect from a large metropolitan city. Vail is truly the mega-resort that all others aspire to be.

The Mountain

Vail ski resort back side down hill skiing

Vail is so massive that there are literally untapped trails yet to have even the lightest ski or board print. The landscape of Vail is simply stunning and something anyone should experience at least once.
There are three distinct areas to Vail, the widely heralded front side, the legendary back bowls, and the prominent Blue Sky Basin.

The Front Side

Skiers looking for more of a joyride prefer the front side of Vail which has the most groomed terrain in the world. There are tons of long, wide runs that are kid-friendly, such as Simba, Bear Tree, and Born Free. Known to be the more congested side of the mountain, the front side has enough diversity to cater to any skier.

The front side is also home to a lot of cruisers for the youngsters. The Kids’ Adventure Zones, and three terrain parks; Golden Peak, Bwana Park, and Pride Park play favorites to the bunnies learning how to “pizza” and “French fry” their way down the mountainside.

Golden Peak features two half pipes, a 13-foot warm-up pipe coupled with the monstrous 22-foot Superpipe to offer ample options for skiers and boarders looking to test the limits of gravity. The Game Creek Bowl racecourse is a perfect starting spot prior to carving down to one of the several mountain dining restaurants to choose from each with spectacular views.

The Legendary Back Bowls

If you’re a better-than-average skier looking to escape from the swarms of tourists on the front side, then venture off to the Vail Back Bowls. Here you’ll find amazing views, tranquil settings, and Vail’s signature, seamlessly formed, seven epic bowls spanning over seven miles of backcountry.

For an entertaining and challenging day, start off at the Sun Up and Sun Down Bowls and then head out to the China and Teacup Bowls which are some of the more popular, intermediate choices.

However, if you’re feeling extra bold, continue on your way and voyage out to the steeper and more stimulating Siberia Bowl. Even further out, you can experience the Inner and Outer Mongolia Bowls.

While it’s impossible to accurately describe how massive these bowls are, when compared to the average size of an east coast resort, the back bowls cast an enormous shadow. In fact, you can easily spend a week in the back bowls without covering all of the picturesque trails.

Blue Sky Basin

Taking a ski trip to Blue Sky Basin in Vail Colorado

Traversing out to Blue Sky Basin is simply an adventure in and of itself. After roaming through almost all of Vail’s diverse terrain and once you’ve arrived at Blue Sky you will truly get a grasp of how enormous the resort actually is.

The terrain in Blue Sky Basin is more extreme than anything else that Vail has to offer. There are tons of advanced trails and terrain, but not everything is exclusively reserved for the expert skier.

The Lover’s Leap and Steep & Deep runs begin with huge vertical drop-ins which, at the very least, allow you to catch some decent air off a cornice depending on the amount of snowfall and nerve you have. Overall, Blue Sky Basin is very peaceful and has endless backcountry trails and tree skiing that will create long-lasting impressions.