Snowboard travel bags

Any snowboard bag is capable of doing its most basic task: holding your snowboard. We recently wrote about the best snowboard bags, but since we are travel enthusiasts, we wanted to follow this up with a twist to cover the best snowboard travel bags. Not all snowboard bags are designed to protect your gear in transit and give you extra storage space for items like boots, goggles, or clothing. So, if you’ve already invested in a top-of-the-line snowboard jacket or pants, why not go the extra mile for your snowboard bag, too? Our top picks for the best snowboard travel bags ensure your gear stays protected while you travel to the mountain.

The 6 Best Snowboard Travel Bags

Our Top Picks

Best snowboard travel bag on a budget for air travel: Element Equipment Padded Snowboard Bag Travel Snowboard Bag

Element Equipment’s money-conscience snowboard bag is simply designed but sure to meet your needs. The bag is meant for true riders and offers 360-degree padding and the capacity to fit one snowboard with bindings. The bag is also built to last, featuring double stitching, waterproof liner, and a coated polyester exterior 

Best overall snowboard travel bag for air travel: Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels

There’s nothing more difficult than carrying your snowboard bag to and from your destination. But Athletico’s Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag certainly makes it easier. The bag features thick padding on all sides to protect your gear along with a water-resistant polyester exterior. Heavy-duty wheels on the bottom of the bag make for easy transportation to and from the slopes. 

Best water-resistant snowboard travel bag for air travel: Winterial Rolling Expandable Snowboard and Ski Bag

The highlight of the Winterial Rolling Expandable Snowboard and Ski Bag is the bag’s waterproof interior liner. The waterproof material allows you to stack multiple boards on top of each other without worrying about moisture getting in the bag or getting out at the end of your trip. The interior of the snowboard bag also features a padded layer and reinforced backing.

Best hardshell case snowboard travel bag for air travel: Sportube Series 3 Cabin Cruiser

While a soft-sided snowboard bag does offer protection for your gear, a hardshell case may give you more peace of mind. Each Sportube Series 3 Cabin Cruiser is incredibly durable and even comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The case can hold up to 2 sets of snowboards with boots, bindings, and more. The exterior high-density polyethylene ensures the case remains lightweight but still durable. 

Best snowboard travel bag with wheels for air travel: Element Equipment Wheeled Padded Snowboard Bag

The Element Equipment Wheeled Padded Snowboard Bag is excellent for air travel. The bag itself can hold up to two snowboards and features padding around the entire interior and a waterproof liner for maximum protection. Durable wheels on the bottom ensure the bag is easy to transport, too.

Best padded snowboard travel bag for air travel: EQ SPORT Padded Snowboard Bag

Thick, 360-degree padding in the EQ SPORT Padded Snowboard Bag makes this bag perfect for air travel. While the padding will bear the brunt of any force on the bag, the waterproof interior liner and high-density polyester fabric ensure the bag remains in good condition. The urethane wheels make hauling your snowboard easier, too. 

The best snowboard travel bags will help ensure your gear arrives safely and unharmed. For added protection, avoid carrying, checking, and claiming your snowboard bag at the airport. After all, why risk damage to your brand-new bag? Shipping ahead allows you to travel with peace of mind knowing your gear has already been delivered to your destination. Enjoy bag-free and stress-free travel when you send your gear to the slopes. Learn more or start shipping today!