The best ski location in ColoradoAspen plays host to some of the most luxurious hotels, priciest real estate, and exclusive celebrity escapes but people tend to forget the true reason why Aspen has become a world-renowned mountain town. With a plethora of unforgettable ski slopes and trails Aspen is, and always has been, a sought after destination for skiers and snowboarders alike.

All that being said, when people refer to the sights and sounds of Aspen, the four resorts listed below collectively comprise this charming little ski town tucked away high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Where to Ski in Snowmass


Taking a ski trip to Aspen Colorado Snowmass

The largest of the fantastic four is the palatial Snowmass which could easily be considered a world-class resort in and of itself. Ranked as the second largest ski resort in the country, Snowmass weighs in with a staggering 3,300 acres of plush terrain and a whopping 150 miles of fresh groomed trails suitable for any novice while still challenging enough for even the most capable skiers.

Snowmass offers an impressive 21 lifts so access to steep chute cliffs, bowls, glades, cruisers or bumps won’t be difficult. Everything you could possibly need to ensure an unforgettable getaway is no farther than a picturesque lift ride away at Snowmass. Exquisite dining both on and off the mountain along with condos for family stays and a superb children’s facility make Snowmass a top choice for anyone planning a mountain getaway this winter.

Aspen Highlands

The best Colorado ski resort is Aspen Highlands

For enthusiasts looking to get away from all the rowdy kids and families, Aspen Highlands is ideal for you. Traditionally preferred by the locals and experts, Aspen Highlands emits much more of a ‘ski bum’ feel than neighboring resorts. Over the horizon, just a short hike from the top of the chair awaits the famous Highlands Bowl.

As a local rite of passage, any skier who wants to be taken seriously will be urged to scale and ski this incredible bowl. Snuggled right at the base of the ski-area, Aspen Highlands Village is the spot to stay for thrill-seeking riders looking to push the envelope when they hit the hills. Around town, you’ll find this easy-going attitude is also reflected in the shops, restaurants, and public. Even a short stay at this sleepy mountain town will influence you to rethink the things in life that really matter.

Aspen Mountain

Visiting Colorado ski resort Aspen Mountain

Aspen Mountain, also known as Ajax, offers no rest for the weary as one of the only large resorts in the country without beginner-friendly runs. This intimidating peak challenges riders with a vast selection of steep intermediate and expert trails.

The recently renovated Silver Queen Gondola now features 147 six-passenger cabins built with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing passengers to scout their routes down the mountain as they rise comfortably to the summit. Upon reaching the peak the descent is suited for mogul lovers and those who simply enjoy cruising down on corduroy trails.


As the name suggests, Buttermilk is a calm and gentle alp, covered with gently rolling hills suitable for families and beginners abound.

However, Buttermilk isn’t just for the young and untested, it’s also an annual host to the best skiers and snowboarders worldwide when the Winter X Games rolls through town. According to Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, Buttermilk is home to the best halfpipe on the planet.

The 22-foot tall 500-foot long “Superpipe” is one of only 3 in North America. This monumental feature is sought after and respected by only the most elite X Games victors and Olympic champions. Buttermilk also boasts the two mile long ‘Crazy T’rain Park’ which contains copious amounts rails, jumps, tabletops, hits and spines for extreme snow junkies. But the snow is even more plentiful with average annual snowfall accumulating up to 200 inches! Knee deep snow is not just a dream in these parts of the country, it’s an expectation.

Deserving of the high remarks, Aspen Snowmass lends itself as an incredible vacation getaway in the high peaks of the Rocky Mountain Divide. By offering everything under the sun Aspen Snowmass proves itself year in and year out as one of the premier destinations for skiers of all skill level and desire.