There’s nothing else like that rush that you get from swooping down a mountain of fresh powder. It’s absolutely exhilarating because there’s that element of risk. But, just how dangerous are skiing and snowboarding?

For years, no one was sure which one posed more danger to athletes. Recent studies have settled the debate though, proving that skiing is, in fact, more dangerous than snowboarding. Outdoor lifestyle website Mpora released an infographic, explaining that while snowboarding may have more injuries overall, they’re 33% less likely to be fatal.

What are Common Injuries During Skiing or Snowboarding?

Snowboarders are going to see more dislocated shoulders, hurt wrists, and ankle injuries. Skiers are going to face skier’s thumb, MCL and ACL knee injuries, as well as broken legs.

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How Can I Prevent Injuries?

Safety is everything when you hit the slopes. First things first, you should always wear protective gear. This includes helmets, back protectors, goggles, and knee pads. In fact, the popularity of helmets has dropped head injuries by 50% overall. You should also be aware of your skill level. If you’re still a beginner, don’t try to be cool and challenge yourself to the extreme.

Lastly, you need to be aware of the weather before heading out. While resorts and lodges will make you aware of advisories, if you’re not the most skilled skier, know when it’s time to sit out.

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