Travel Tuesday – Colorado

This week we head to The Centennial State of Colorado. This picturesque state is home to popular ski travel destinations for tourists around the world. Colorado is a laid-back state, that welcomes all.


Aspen, known for its array of things to do on and off the slopes, is the place to travel to while the snow is still fresh.

Aspen, Colorado

This city is home to four different resorts on well over 5,550 acres. Buttermilk, Snowmass, Aspen Mountain (aka Ajax to the locals) and Aspen Highlands provide you with everything you could imagine in a ski town. These resorts all vary in what they provide to their guests. The unique ski terrain at all locations, showcase the beauty and fine heritage that make-up Aspen.


This ski town is home to spectacular views and has over 2,000 acres of amazing ski terrain. The 148 trails satisfy skiers and snowboarders of all ages. From intense off-piste tracks to the gentle groomers, Telluride is sure to please the entire family.

Telluride, Colorado

The snow remains deep here due to the shelter from the wind. The main town has a nightlife scene, so if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, we recommend lodging there.


This city has the largest area for skiing in the state, 5,289 acres to be exact. You will never run out of things to do while visiting this town. This popular ski destination has it all from many shops, bars and restaurants to being close to the Denver International Airport, which makes for easy travel in and out of the city (sometimes.)

Vail, Colorado

There are 2 types of terrain within Vail. One side serves the families and exquisite groomers, the other for the newbies. Both provide a variety of steeps, bumps, and glades that allow you to soak up every minute of the beauty that is, Vail. 

How To Transport Your Snow Gear

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Shipping – 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid.

These days, you should be doing everything and anything to take care of your members and guests. Why? Because if you’re not doing it someone else will.  So why aren’t you offering a shipping service to your clientele? After all, don’t they deserve the best options!

Rental FOMO (Fear of missing out on club or ski rental revenue)

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Question the reliability of shipping?

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For the longest time, shipping was too expensive of an option for most. Thanks to millions of traveling skiers across the world we’ve been able to change that and offer the most aggressive rates the industry has to offer. And if all of this wasn’t enough, shipping with  Ship Skis has an on-time success rate around 95%, better than the airlines. Don’t be afraid, embrace shipping services – your members and guests will thank you for it!

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Featured Resort: Northstar Ski Resort

Northstar at Tahoe

Northstar Ski Resort

Conveniently located halfway between one of North America’s most magnificent mountain towns and possibly the world’s most beautiful alpine lake, Northstar is a ski destination that should be on every skier and snowboarder’s bucket list.

Northstar California, previously named Northstar at Tahoe, sits by the north shore of Lake Tahoe and is just 200 miles from San Francisco. The resort is home to a whopping 3,000 acres of vertical drops, intense downhill terrain, a cross-country center, on-site logging, an 18-hole golf course plus so much more.

With an ambiance unlike any other, Northstar provides upscale shops and dining along with an iconic slopeside lodge, which boasts a 5-star rating . Despite all of these luxurious features, Northstar has remained a resort destination for families, thanks in part to their unique, laid-back style. Some guests have even mentioned Northstar’s village being similar to a picturesque Disneyland Resort.

Northstar Mountain Master Plan

One feature that sets Northstar apart from any other ski resort is their Mountain Master Plan, first announced in 2012. This detailed plan consists of on-mountain improvements and additional recreational activities. Although the plan was announced years ago, final changes have not been determined. The guiding light for these improvements over the next couple of decades will be guest feedback. That being said the committee has made maintaining the current resources of the mountain a high priority. A few proposed reforms include improvements to existing ski terrain and facilities, new ski terrain, lifts, skier facilities and added recreational opportunities.

The Mountain

Northstar’s ski experience is nothing short of impressive, thanks in part to the resort having invested nearly 1 billion dollars into creating a premier snow sport experience.

Northstar has exactly 3,170 acres of skiable terrain that is a decent mix of beginner (13%), intermediate (60%) and advanced (27%) runs. For the most advanced skiers, their largest vertical drop of 2,280 feet cannot be overlooked. Couple this with their terrain parks, which include a 22-foot Superpipe designed by Olympian, Shaun White and you’ve got a mountain experience few can find elsewhere. The resort currently has 20 lifts and sees an average of 350 inches of snowfall a year. Not to worry if 350 inches doesn’t sound adequate because Northstar has the largest snowmaking system in the area, producing 50% of their coverage.

For those who are interested, Northstar offers a number of lessons – beginner, intermediate, expert and private. Beginner lessons focus to instruct skiers on how to glide across the snow in a controlled fashion, how to wedge stop, the mechanics of skiing and what the sport is all about. Their intermediate lessons take skiers out to the Blue runs and get them prepared to transition to the Black runs by improving their form and learning new techniques. Lastly, the expert runs help advanced skiers read and understand various terrain, which better prepares them for changing conditions and off-trail skiing.

With their luxury dining and shopping areas, long list of winter activities and their Mountain Master Plan, Northstar Ski Resort is a ski area that ranks highly amongst our list of top resorts. Don’t forget to have Ship Skis send your gear ahead of time when scheduling the perfect Northstar Ski Resort vacation. Visit to learn more about Ship Skis and to get a quote on shipping your equipment.

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Featured Resort: Alta

Alta Ski Area

The historic Alta Ski Area is a renowned ski resort nestled in the Wasatch Mountains, just outside Park City, Utah. Known for its long history in the skiing industry, Alta has been around for nearly eight decades, opening its very first chairlift in 1939.

A ski resort of the purest kind, Alta is one of only three resorts left in America that prohibit snowboarding on its slopes. But don’t let that intimidate you. Known widely as a family-oriented resort, about 65 percent of Alta’s 2,000 acres of terrain is dedicated to beginning and intermediate skiers. The resort is also highly affordable; adult day passes are $84; children’s passes are $45 and beginner passes are just $40. Couple these amazing prices with the inviting slopes and Alta makes for a great family getaway.

Over the years, the resort has received numerous accolades. Forbes Magazine named it the No. 3 ski resort in the entire country and PowderHounds gave it “Best Overall Terrain,” “Best Off-piste” and “Best Powder.”

Alta Trails and Runs

Alta Trails and Runs

With more than 116 runs, a bevy of blue, green and black runs, and four towering mountain peaks, Alta offers something for every type of skier. There’s even a 3-km groomed track that’s perfect for Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.
Alta also boasts one of the highest altitudes in the state, so heavy snowfall is not only common – it’s expected. The area gets around 500 inches every year, covering the area with an almost constant blanket of snow. Local terrain ranges from smooth and straight to winding, narrow and full of trees. If you go for the black and blue runs, you’re also in for visual treat. The views and surrounding scenery are breathtaking from atop Alta’s four peaks.

Novice skiers will enjoy and embrace a ample amount of green runs at the base of Devil’s Castle, while intermediate skiers can choose from nearly 30 runs across the property. Advanced skiers are invited to enjoy over 50 black runs that line the slopes of all four mountains – Point Supreme, Devil’s Castle, Sugarloaf Peak and Mount Baldy.

For the competitive bunch, Alta hosts recreational racing every Friday and Saturday at its Sunnyside Lift. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded to the top skiers (not to mention major mountain bragging rights).

Should you find yourself getting tired of Alta’s numerous runs (that would take a while!), you can opt for the Alta Snowbird ticket. This steal of a deal gives you access to both Alta Ski Area and the nearby Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort as well. There, you can snowboard, snowmobile and even delve into night skiing. Summer offers up just as much fun with mountain biking, hiking, fishing and horseback tours.

Alta Amenities


It’s not just the ample snowfall, varied terrain, and corduroy runs that make Alta a top-notch experience; it’s the resort’s amenities, too. Alta offers up a number of restaurants, retail shops, spas, and more to keep you and your family entertained and relaxed throughout your entire trip.

Alta even offers a full-service ski school, complete with adult, children’s, and even telemark ski lessons. Whether you want to brush up your skills, or you’re stepping on the slopes for the first time, Alta can help you refine and hone in so you can enjoy everything the mountain has to offer.

Head to Alta

If you’re looking for a ski-centric getaway at a fair price, Alta Ski Area is your answer. With varied terrain, constant snowfall and a purist’s approach to the sport, you won’t find a better locale than this.

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Featured Resort: Deer Valley

Deer Valley

Deer Valley Ski Resort, perched just outside beautiful Park City, Utah, is a ski resort in the purest sense. In fact, snowboarding is strictly prohibited on each of the mountains. Known for its upscale and elegant ambiance, Deer Valley offers nothing less than immaculate services for its guests. The resort staff pays amazing attention to detail that simply can’t be matched when compared to other Utah Ski Resorts.

The resort extends over six mountains – Bald Mountain, Bald Eagle Mountain, Little Baldy Peak, Lady Morgan, Flagstaff Mountain, and Empire Mountain – to offer up over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain. In 2002, Deer Valley was home to several Winter Olympic events such as the alpine slalom, freestyle moguls and aerial ski events, however, in keeping with mountain traditions the events did not include snowboarding.

Deer Valley Amenities

Deer Valley

Some of the greatest snow in the world falls graciously upon Deer Valley, but just in case the mountain is fully prepared with snowmaking capabilities. Deer Valley has certainly earned its top notch reputation for having the finest fall-line groomers of any ski resort.

A well-planned lift infrastructure allows skiers quick and easy access to all of the runs and peaks at Deer Valley. More than 22 lifts and plenty of high-speed quad chairs allow the resort to shuttle skiers to and fro at a very efficient rate. By offering a limited amount of daily lift tickets and providing guests with the efficient lift system, Deer Valley has done an excellent job at minimizing lift lines and reducing overcrowding.

Deer Valley Terrain

Deer Valley - Terrain

The terrain at Deer Valley Ski Resort is suitable for skiers of all levels, but most of the runs are suited towards the intermediate skier. With blue runs such as Big and Little Stick on Bald Eagle Mt. and moderate double blue runs, a determined intermediate skier will quickly make progress towards the intimidating black diamond trails.

Empire Canyon is a specific family friendly ski area, where skiers of various skill levels can ski and play together. The designated slow zones bring relief to families with little ones getting who worry about the tykes getting caught in the path of other, faster skiers.

Expert and skilled skiers will want to seek out the most challenging runs on Bald Mountain off by way of the Mayflower Lift. Mogul enthusiasts will notice runs on some traditional groomed terrain, but for those looking to fly down steep, untouched powder, the north face of the mountain provides ample adrenaline boosting runs.

The Deer Valley Experience

Deer Valley - Ski

Although Deer Valley Ski Resort boasts an upscale and expensive cover, its pages offer a welcoming atmosphere which makes all guests feel at home. At their core, Deer Valley skiers are simply there to enjoy the mountain. While resort lodging consists of opulent 5-star hotels and luxurious condos, the overall culture of Deer Valley remains focused on skiing and skiing only.

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Featured Resort: Telluride


With more than 2,000 acres of skiable terrain, Telluride Ski Resort is one of the most highly regarded ski spots in the country. Situated in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, this massive resort boasts 127 total trails, numerous 13,000- and 14,000-foot peaks, and dozens of skiing areas, including hike-to terrains, terrain parks and even Nordic skiing.

A true haven for adventurers, Telluride offers activities for just about every age group and skill level. Even visitors with no interest in skiing or snowboarding can appreciate this resort as they offer tons of summertime activities to ensure year-round enjoyment.

With beautiful scenery, amazing amenities, and non-stop fun, it’s no wonder Conde Nast named Telluride America’s Best Ski Resort in 2012, 2013 and 2014. SKI Magazine also donned Telluride the best resort in Colorado.

Hike-to Terrains

If you’re looking for a challenge, stop by one of Telluride’s many hike-to terrains. Take the 20-minute hike up Bald Mountain, and view the historic mining town of Alta just below the summit. With just a 15 to 30-minute hike up the mountain, you can ski the epic Gold Hill Chutes, or head to the Black Iron Bowl, where seven exciting chutes await your arrival.

For the truly advanced skiers and boarders, there’s Palmyra Peak, which boasts 2,000 feet of terrain on the north face of a 13,000-foot peak. The hike time for this one is more than an hour, but the view and the ski terrain are unparalleled and worth every grueling minute of the hike.

Terrain Parks

A number of terrain parks offer skiing and boarding options for beginners and seasoned experts. At Ute Park, you will find 25 beginner and 25 intermediate features, including a mini half-pipe, small jumps, and rails.

At Hoot Brown, you can enjoy either an intermediate or an advanced terrain park, with each offering a unique set of jumps, wall rides, rails, barrel rolls and more. Skiers and boarders not so comfortable with testing their park skills may consider taking some instructional classes at Telluride’s on-site ski and snowboarding school. They offer private lessons, children’s lessons, group lessons and more.

Nordic Skiing

Ifyou’re not a thrill-seeking skier, head to the top of Lift 10, and you’ll arrive at the TopAten Snowshoe and Nordic area, which features ten full kilometers of trails and terrain. You can snowshoe or ski Nordic-style while experiencing the amazing views of Palmyra Peak, the Prospect Bowl and other mountains in the area.

Winter Fun for the Whole Family

Though Telluride is certainly known for its stellar ski and snowboarding opportunities, the options for fun and excitement don’t stop there. Telluride offers a whole slew of activities that any visitor can enjoy, regardless of age or skill level or outdoor activity desires. Just head to the Adventure Center and try out any one of the numerous winter or summer activities Options include snowshoeing, snowmobiling, heli-skiing, snow biking, dog sledding, fat biking, cat skiing, or ice climbing. Telluride also offers activities for the kiddos, with options like sleigh rides, guided snowshoe tours, eco-exploration classes and even enrichment programs, like candle making or ice skating.

As your appetite grows from all the physical activity, think about scooting over to enjoy one of dozens of restaurants in the area, which offer everything from pizza and plain old American food to tapas and New Orleans-inspired fare. And if that wasn’t enough take a stroll over to the area’s spas, salons, boutiques and shops for some casual activities as well.
On the other side of the resort, you’ll find the Telluride Town Park Campground, the Telluride Golf Course, and Trout Lake, which offer fishing, hiking and more. So no matter what mood you’re in, there’s always something waiting for you at Telluride.

Summer Activities

In the summertime, the Telluride Activities Center ramps it up even more, offering ATV tours, a bungee trampoline, paddle boarding, paragliding and much more! Unlike most ski resorts, Telluride doesn’t shut down once the snow melts. In fact, it offers just as many summer activities.

The center doesn’t just cater to the adrenaline junkies, either. Leisure activities include photography, horseback riding and fly fishing. With so much to enjoy there is no wonder it ranks among the country’s top resorts for year-round enjoyment.

Visit Telluride

Next time you’re looking for a scenic, relaxing and downright fun family getaway, think Telluride. With hundreds of activities and award-winning slopes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a resort this enjoyable and appealing. The resort offers child-care on site, so if you’re looking to get in a day of fast-paced skiing or boarding without the kids, Telluride makes it easy.

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Featured Resort: Summit Peaks Lodge


With over 100,000 satisfied guests since the early 1990’s, Summit Peaks Lodge offers nothing short of a genuine Western experience. Conveniently located in the sleepy town of Silverthorne, Summit Peaks sits just minutes away from six of the top ski resorts in the country including Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, and Breckenridge. Summit Peaks is the ideal vacation destination for traveling families or large groups looking to share a quality retreat.

The lodges are settled in the residential area of the White River National Forest, bordering miles of lush wilderness and inspiring scenery. Everywhere you look are breathtaking, panoramic views of Lake Dillon, the Rocky Mountains, and the Gore Range.

Hundreds of massive Douglas Fir Logs provide the stout structure while maintaining an intimate atmosphere for all guests. With 6 rooms, 16 beds, pull out sofas, and five and a half bathrooms, the North and South lodges can comfortably accommodate up to twenty-four of your closest family and friends.

The open floor plan of the main level’s Great Room sets the stage for nightly get-togethers chock full with banter of who hit the slopes hardest that day. Located just off of the living room is an elegant pool table, a full sized kitchen and an inviting dining room. But the day would not be complete without taking a dip in the hot tub perched atop the wrap around deck. There is truly no better way to end the day, especially after carving down the majestic mountains of Summit County.

The East & West Lodges

These Bavarian style lodges are placed just steps away from the world famous Blue River. Also conveniently located is the 200 mile long paved Summit County Bike Path and over 400 back-country trails to hike. The gigantic Factory Outlet Mall is just a few blocks away should you need to stock up on any last minute, mountain necessities.

The lodge offers a variety of rooms to choose from which range in size from the single bed chaperone rooms to the 6 bed family rooms. The West Lodges will sleep up to 34 people, while the East Lodges can comfortably host up to 37 people. Located in both facilities are large public living rooms equipped with TV’s, social areas suited for peaceful reading, and outdoor picnic areas with endless views.

Summit Peaks Lodge - Activities

Ship Skis

We are eager to announce a new partnership with Summit Peaks Lodge. So before you pay to schlep your skis to Silverthorne, allow Ship Skis to send them straight to the Lodge, allowing you to hit the hillside as soon as you arrive. Ship Skis is convenient, reliable and secure. Visit our website to Book your next trip today!

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Featured Resort: Keystone


Conveniently located in Summit County amongst some of the other Vail Resorts, Keystone is possibly the most underrated of these high-class resorts. Though mostly known for the family-friendly atmosphere, the terrain at Keystone also has a very appealing dark side that entices the more serious skiers and boarders. Playing host to the longest ski day in the entire state of Colorado gives Keystone and identity of its own.

 Keystone - Night Skiing

Night Skiing

Even after the sun sets over the scenic Rocky Mountains, Keystone leaves its the lights on for guests wanting to take advantage of most skiable trails after dark. Famous for their night skiing, enthusiasts can hit the slopes on any of Keystone’s 15 lighted trails long after the neighboring mountains call it a day. This includes Keystone’s 6 terrain parks and their half-pipe. Enjoy watching the sun disappear, then squeeze in a few more runs and enjoy the serenity of the snow covered range you simply cannot experience during the day.

Keystone Ski

Thousands of Acres of Terrain

Keystone has an abundance of intermediate and beginner terrain, however, the mountain boasts nearly 1,500 acres which classify as advanced terrain. Novice skiers dare not shy away from attempting to shred the mountain as Keystone has plenty of terrain for beginners, too. Visitors to the mountain who prefer not to test their gravitational limits will find plentiful smooth cruisers and steep groomers. Intermediates are incredibly well-served throughout the entire resort. Take a shot at the Schoolmarm trail which presents 3.5 miles of terrain that may result in some tears inside those goggles.

Beginners may not receive the warm and fuzzy feel of a bunny hill as there is comparatively less terrain devoted to their skill set. That being said, there is plenty of intermediate and well-groomed terrain to gain experience and become comfortable with what the mountain has to offer. With over 1,000 acres devoted to moderate runs, intermediate skiing is more than ample at Keystone.

It is rather ironic that Keystone features so many black diamond runs yet, is best known to be a family friendly mountain. All terrain on the beyond the summit of Dercum Mountain, considered to be advanced terrain. Technically, Keystone doesn’t boast any double black terrain, but expert riders will find plenty of challenges on The Outback Mountain, which features adrenaline pumping runs like the Wolverine and Timberwolf.


A 51

Ranked as second best terrain park in the country, Keystone’s A 51 terrain park is comprised of several different areas that range depending on skill level. Beginners can start out by cruising down Easy Street which is perfect for those who have never encountered a box or rail before. Easy Street eases you into the feeling of your board or skis hitting something other than fresh powder.

There are three intermediate runs to choose from, the I-70, Park Lane, and The Alley. The runs subsequently increase in difficulty with the first jump on the I-70 being very similar to the last run on Easy Street. Once you have mastered the last jump and a few tricks, it’s time to move on to Park Lane where you can hit the quarter pipe and catch significant air time. The Alley is truly a jibber’s amusement park. There is an extraordinary amount of features to execute those tricks you’ve been working so hard to land perfectly.

Main Street, which is home to many pro-level skiers and snowboarders, features Keystone’s largest jump with three sets that are perfect for attempting your version of competition level tricks. With the chairlift audience observing in awe from the sidelines, Main Street certainly provides a professional level atmosphere that most competitors crave.

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Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek, or affectionately known as “the Beav”, is situated just 10 miles outside of the ever crowded Vail and only 100 miles west of Denver. If you’re looking for the luxury of a modern ski resort coupled with an intimate alpine village feel, then Beaver Creek is the place to visit on your next ski adventure.

Their motto, “Not Exactly Roughing It” certainly holds true as people tend to visit Beaver Creek more for the skiing and boarding experience, not for the scene or to be seen.

Beaver Creek is all about the little things. The slope-side valets will look after your gear and warm your boots for you while you peruse the shops and fine dining this quaint resort has to offer. The village also has a charming little ice skating rink, a must see performing arts center and some easygoing cantinas to enjoy a smooth cocktail. Thanks to some very well thought out escalators, going from the shops to the slopes is convenient and takes the hassle out of trudging around in your boots. Suddenly a day away from the slopes doesn’t sound so dreary.

The Creek

The Creek

Considered to be a rather modest sized resort, Beaver Creek has over 1,800 acres of skiable terrain and a vertical drop of about 3,600 feet. Regardless of its extent, because of the 25 well-placed lifts which include 2 gondolas and 10 high speed quads, you can navigate most of the summits, long ridge lines, glades and steep groomers with ease and excitement.

With widespread groomed trails, Beaver Creek is an ideal spot for beginners, those with a little more skill, or for skiers and boarders simply looking to test their carving skills on the mogul runs. Grooming occurs all day every day, resulting in a corduroy countryside spanning 805 gorgeous acres.

the beav

For The Thrill Seeker

Because of Beaver Creek’s upscale nature and complimentary cookies handed out every afternoon, it’s easy for the unfamiliar to assume that there are limited hardcore expert runs. However, this is certainly not the case. “The Beav” actually provides some of the most extensive steeps in all of Colorado.

The Stone Creek region of the mountain covers nearly 200 acres of extreme terrain and features plenty of cliff bands and chutes. Beaver Creek is also home to three terrain parks and a half pipe if you have the itch to catch some Rocky Mountain air.

Beaver Fever

Although Beaver Creek has over 300 days of bright blue skies, it also receives approximately 325 inches of fresh powder per season. Most of the slopes are situated on the “north face” which helps protect the snow from the sunshine. However, if you’re still anxious about the snow, don’t fret. Beaver Creek can make incredible amounts of artificial snow. Nearly 40%, or 700 acres, of the resort has snow-making abilities making the term “never summer” more realistic.

Beaver Creek

Not Just for the Extreme

Beaver Creek has a rare configuration, offering plenty of terrain for skiers and boarders of any skill level. Most of the beginner trails are located near the Arrow Bahn Lift, which is just a short voyage from the main mountain. Some of the trails located here weave in and out of the tree lines which gives the novice rider a taste of what may be to come.

For the kids that are too small to fully enjoy the mountain, Beaver Creek has many kid-friendly adventure zones located across the mountain. The little ones can cruise down runs with names like Wild West Trail or Tombstone Territory, which were designed to hold their interest and improve their skiing skills in preparation for when they can handle all the mountain has to offer.

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Vail Mountain

Vail Mountain

Coveted as one of the most legendary ski resorts in the world, Vail Mountain is a boastful and striking resort. With more than 5,200 acres of skiable terrain, Vail is one of the largest ski resorts in the nation. Vail not only carries a high ranking worldwide for its size but also their modern and extremely efficient lift system is rivaled by none. The multitude of variations in terrain offer unlimited options for any skier or snowboarder, and off the slopes, Vail Village features everything you would expect from a large metropolitan city. Vail is truly the mega resort that all others aspire to be.

The Mountain

Vail is so massive that there are literally untapped trails yet to have even the lightest ski or board print. The landscape of Vail is simply stunning and something anyone should experience at least once.
There are three distinct areas to Vail, the widely heralded front side, the legendary back bowls, and the prominent Blue Sky Basin.

The Front Side

The Front Side

Skiers looking for more of a joyride prefer the front side of Vail which has the most groomed terrain in the world. There are tons of long, wide runs that are kid-friendly, such as Simba, Bear Tree, and Born Free. Known to be the more congested side of the mountain, the front side has enough diversity to cater to any skier.

The front side is also home to a lot of cruisers for the youngsters. The Kids’ Adventure Zones, and three terrain parks; Golden Peak, Bwana Park, and Pride Park play favorite to the bunnies learning how to “pizza” and “French fry” their way down the mountainside.

Golden Peak features two half pipes, a 13 foot warm up pipe coupled with the monstrous 22 foot Superpipe to offer ample options for skiers and boarders looking to test the limits of gravity. The Game Creek Bowl race course is a perfect starting spot prior to carving down to one of the several mountain dining restaurants to choose from each with spectacular views.

The Legendary Back Bowls

The Legendary Back Bowls

If you’re a better than average skier looking to escape from the swarms of tourists on the front side, then venture off to the Vail Back Bowls. Here you’ll find amazing views, tranquil settings, and Vail’s signature, seamlessly formed, seven epic bowls spanning over seven miles of backcountry.

For an entertaining and challenging day, start off at the Sun Up and Sun Down Bowls and then head out to the China and Teacup Bowls which are some of the more popular, intermediate choices.

However, if you’re feeling extra bold, continue on your way and voyage out to the steeper and more stimulating Siberia Bowl. Even further out, you can experience the Inner and Outer Mongolia Bowls.

While it’s impossible to accurately describe how massive these bowls are, when compared to the average size of an east coast resort, the back bowls cast an enormous shadow. In fact, you can easily spend a week in the back bowls without covering all of the picturesque trails.

Blue Sky Basin

Blue Sky Basin

Traversing out to Blue Sky Basin is simply an adventure in and of itself. After roaming through almost all of Vail’s diverse terrain and once you’ve arrived at Blue Sky you will truly get a grasp of how enormous the resort actually is.

The terrain in Blue Sky Basin is more extreme than anything else that Vail has to offer. There are tons of advanced trails and terrain, but not everything is exclusively reserved for the expert skier.

The Lover’s Leap and Steep & Deep runs begin with huge vertical drop-ins which, at the very least, allow you to catch some decent air off a cornice depending on the amount of snowfall and nerve you have. Overall, Blue Sky Basin is very peaceful and has endless backcountry trails and tree skiing that will create long lasting impressions.

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