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The process to ship your snow gear to and from the mountain is now easier than ever. As winter is in full swing, and you head to the slopes, the awkwardness of lugging your gear will be no more.

Thanks to Ship Skis, all you have to do is follow 4 simple steps. Before you know it, you will be on your way to the mountains. Seems too easy? Well, that’s the simplicity of Ship Skis’ service.

 Ship Skis and INC.COM

Tom Popomaronis, an writer shared his understanding of the hassle-free shipping service, Ship Skis, with the hundreds of daily readers of INC. Tom is not an avid skier himself but was very impressed with what the service has to offer. As the trend of travel picks up for millennials and families around the globe, so does finding an alternate way for travel for your luggage and ski gear to and from the peak. The modern customer expects the ease of accessibility, convenience, and affordability all in one. With Ship Skis, you receive all of these and more. With, you are provided with white-glove customer service from the moment you book your shipment. As we are headed into the new year, the way people travel will steadily increase, converting more users to switch over to services such as Ship Skis because of the duo of the cost-convenience factor.


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Tom’s Understanding of Ship Sticks

The convenience Ship Skis offers their customers is what makes the company so unique.  The 4-step process is simple and easy for any skier to follow. You will never have to leave your home again to ship your snow gear. With an easy online ordering form, you can drop your gear off at a designated shipping carrier or elect to have it picked up. Yes, the carrier will come directly to your business, residence or to wherever you are skiing. From there, all you need to do is pack up your gear and print out your barcoded shipping labels. Then finally you’re ready for a successful shipment.

Ship Skis partners with several ski facilities around the world. From this, they have gained trust from the partner itself and the actual customer. In fact, they have shipped over 200,000 bags successfully since they began business.

The price is the most attractive feature for a Ship Skis customer. Find out for yourself, by grabbing a quick quote for your ski gear today. Ship Skis is over 50% cheaper than going directly through the carrier itself. What more can you ask for? The answer is a hassle-free experience which is in turn inherited from the moment you schedule your shipment. If you still are not sold on what Ship Skis can provide you. Check out their Support Center.

This ease of service can’t be found anywhere else. Ship Skis is the only ski shipping company that allows you to enjoy more time shredding snow and less time worrying if your skis will make it on the plane or not.

How Can You Benefit From This INC Experience?

Although Tom is not a skier himself, he is, in fact, a person who believes in a reliable service. This is the standard practice of Ship Skis. They thrive off making their customers 100% satisfied. They ensure that the experience of each skier is nothing short of memorable. With that being said, when will you let Ship Skis simply your next travel experience? Go ahead and book now!

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Ship Skis and contributor, Leah expresses why Ship Skis, a ski shipping company is the answer for snow gear transportation to and from the mountain with the daily avid visitors. No one understands the personal struggle it can be when having to lug their own snow gear to the peak, more than skiers themselves. With this similar experience felt by skiers and snowboarders across the world, the resolution they have long sought for is over. offers a top of the line shipping service for skiers and snowboarders who want to spend more time shredding snow and less time waiting in line at the airport or for rentals at the lodge.

Ski Shipping Service

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Leah’s Experience With Ship Skis

Understanding that there are other alternatives to transporting snow gear to the powder highway, Ship Skis will make you think twice about choosing one. They offer pricing as low as $39.99 each way, which is far less expensive than the hefty airline baggage fees. Not only does offer shipping for your boots, snowboards, and skis; they offer 3 tiers of luggage that will help eliminate the schlep factor when traveling.

Still hesitant on how you can benefit from No worries, with $500 of complimentary insurance on each piece shipped, allowing you to purchase of up $3,500, you will no longer have to stress about items that have the potential to be damaged or lost when using an alternate method of transportation. With easy to follow shipping instructions found here, your next trip to the mountain will be nothing short of seamless. Ship Skis allows you to choose your pick up or drop off location, easing the convenience of your ski trip even more.

How Do You Benefit From This Experience?

Ship Skis provides a hassle-free white glove experience for every skier. Why do they care so much about their customers? The company was founded by a group of skiers who understood the struggle of lugging their skis, snowboard, and luggage through the airport. Next time you plan a trip to the mountains, keep Ship Skis in the front of your mind. Still not sold on the numerous ways that you can benefit from this company? Check out the Support Center to learn more. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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Ship Your Snowboard | 4 Ways to Make Your Family Trip Hassle-Free

The laughs and the memories are reason enough to get the whole family together for a family ski trip. But, it’s no easy feat planning this adventure to the peak as we all know, anything can happen when the family gets together.Luckily, there are some simple ways to help prepare you and your family for your upcoming trip so that it’s hassle-free from packing to hitting the slopes. Keep reading to learn more:

Choose the Time Wisely

Kids tend to have off from school around the holidays. Planning a trip around this time can be extremely pricey causing for a very congested ski resort. For open slopes and budget-friendly deals, consider booking a trip for the beginning or near the end of the season.

Utilize Grocery Delivery

Ski trips can burn a pretty big hole in your pocket. Why not eat in while traveling? It can be hectic getting in and out of the resort, which is why grocery delivery is essential. You can spend more time bonding with family and less time fighting the traffic and crowds. It may cost a little extra for the delivery. Breckenridge Grocery Delivery is a great company to utilize if you are out in Colorado.

should you ship your snowboard

Look for Local Entertainment

Truth be told, it’s not going to be all skiing, all the time. Look for some local entertainment, eating, shopping, and more so that groups can split up and appease a variety of wants. Many mountain towns have a town publication where you can find local events or happenings during your stay.

Ship Your Gear

Shipping your gear can make all the difference. Rather than having everyone pay exorbitant fees only to drag clunky gear through an airport, ship your snowboard, skis, and extra gear. All you have to do is pack it up properly and schedule your shipment with Ship Skis. We’ll make sure it all arrives at your destination safely and on time so you can spend more time shredding the fresh snow and less time waiting

Do you need to ship your snowboard?

Ship your snowboard and keep your mind on the slopes! Ship Skis is a reliable form of equipment transportation that ships your gear ahead of time. That way, you show up to your resort and your gear is already there! Schedule your next shipment today.


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Ship Your Skis | The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide for Skiers

Whether it’s for sport or for show, the skier in your family could always use some new gear! And, as the winter season kicks up and the temps drop, there are some essentials that they will be sure to appreciate if received. So, stock up on these cool ski accessories so you can ship your skis without missing a beat:

Rub-On Wax

You don’t always need to get the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to waxing up skis. If you’re on a budget and want to make a real difference in a skier’s day, gift them a stick of rub-on wax for be smooth skiing!


If you didn’t film an amazing ski trick, did it even happen? A camera, like a sport-friendly GoPro, is the gift that keeps on giving. They can strap it onto their helmet and have total bragging rights beyond the ski season.

can you ship your skis

Wool Clothing & Accessories

Merino wool is a winter athlete’s best friend. Whether it’s a scarf, a sweater, or a onesie, head to toe warmth is possible with this heat-trapping material.

Bluetooth Headphones

Keep the tunes coming as you make way down the slopes. Bluetooth headphones are an awesome, hands-free option for skiers who have their hands full. You can also accompany this gift with an audiobook or music streaming service subscription.

Travel Case

Ski gear is a great investment. So, skiers should take great care of them, especially when you ship your skis. A hard case with a dense foam padding can protect gear during transit. Then, when they utilize Ship Skis, they can trust that their equipment is shielded from any jostling as it’s delivered to its destination.

Are you looking to ship your skis?

Ship Skis is here to save you from the hassle of dragging along your winter sports equipment. Schedule your Ship Skis shipment today and get ready for a stress-free trip!

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Ship Your Skis | 5 Must-Haves for Your Upcoming Ski Trip

Packing for a ski trip is no easy feat. Not only are you packing the bulkiest clothes known to man, you run the risk of getting to the top of the lift and realizing you’ve forgotten something essential. Or, even worse, shown up at the resort only to find out your gear isn’t there because you chose to ship your skis with someone unreliable. Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting and have been stuck without our favorite little somethings mid-ski, and are now sharing our must-haves.


You shouldn’t have to go back to the lodge every time you need to snack on something. Instead, pack a variety of nutrient-rich snacks that’ll keep your energy levels high throughout the day

Hydration Pack

Time flies when you’re having fun! So, you may not even realize when the dehydration sets in. But, chilly climates and extreme sports ask a lot of your body, so carry water – maybe in a convenient Camelback ­– for some quality H2O.


While they’re seemingly two completely different settings, you can get the same level of sunburn high up on the slopes as you can while laying out on the beach. A little bit of sunscreen can go a long way, so don’t forget to lather up!

can you ship your skis during travel

Anti-Fog Spray

Skiing blind is not a trick we care to perform. Be sure to pack your anti-fog spray so that you can see clearly the whole way down after a quick spritz and a nice wipe with a lint-free cloth.

Phone-Friendly Gloves

If you’re making the trek up and down the mountains with your friends, there’s a possibility you’ll lose track of one another at some point. Invest in gloves that are touchscreen-friendly so that you can stay in contact with them while on the slope.

Are you looking to ship your skis?

Have your gear ready to hit the slopes the second you get the resort by using ShipSkis. We ship your snow gear in the most convenient fashion so that all you need to worry about is getting yourself there. So, schedule your shipment and get ready to hit the slopes!

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Bag It: Best Ski Bags for 2014

Here at, we take loving care of your boards, and help them arrive safely at their destination. We do our utmost best, but a well-designed ski bag keeps those bad boys comfortable during the flight.

Every year, ski , snowboard backpack and boot bag technology benefits from new high-tech features, which make you wonder, how did they ever come up with that idea?

Here’s what’s in store for the 2014 ski season.

The Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag

Not sure of the conditions? Do you need one ski for powder, and another for all-mountain skiing. Not to worry. The Dakine company  offers this ski bag in two sizes, at 185 and 200 centimeters in length. Accommodating two pairs of skis, its polyester fabric is thick and durable. Unzip the bag and you’ll discover three insulated pockets and dividers which protect your ski underwear from the fury of your ski poles!

Sport Tube Series One

Citizen Kane had Rosebud. You have your boards. If anything happened to them, you would cry. Sport Tube understands. That’s why they created their Sport Tube Series Case

Adjustable from 122 cm to 212 cm and weighing in at eight pounds, it’s padded-at-both-ends. The one-size-fits-all case holds one set of alpine-binding mounted skis and a set of poles. During the summer, use it to hold your fly rod tubes as well as spin and bait casting rods, spear guns and whatever else you can fit. The product comes with a lifetime warranty. The Series One SE–Special Edition includes bells and whistles, such as  a pull handle, lock and handy stuff bag, called the Nik Nac Pac.  The Sport Tube Series is also available for multiple pairs of skis.

Burton Gig Snowboard Bag 2014

Boasting an appealing, Aztec-inspired design, the Burton Gig  Snowboard Bag comes fully padded. Its multiple board capacity allows you pack your favorite boards or just one board and your boots, and a tuning pocket on the exterior holds anything you feel will get lost . This lockable bag can also be outfitted with TSA approved locks for added security measures.

Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag 2014

The Transpack XT1 boot bag  has everything you would want  in a boot and gear bag. It comes with with two side pockets specifically for your boots and a large water resistant central compartment that accommodates a helmet, gear, even a second pair of boots. As a  result, everything on the inside stays clean and dry.

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PACCA: A New Product for Family Skiing

The United Kingdom is snow and mountain challenged, to say the least. Sure, England has an indoor ski slope at  Milton Keynes, and Scotland is home to Cairngorm a ski resort that doubles as a reindeer reserve. Still, before you pity your UK brothers and sisters in snow, realize that they can get to the slopes of Europe faster than many US citizens can get to New England, The Rockies or California. Perhaps that’s why the UK has produced some superb skiers and innovative snow-sport products.

Take, for example, PACCA. Entrepreneur Mike Rhucroft from Kent, England designed this child’s backpack, which unfolds and transforms into a sledge.  Before you call the British equivalent of the child welfare bureau, the word “sledge,” in Brit-speak, is the same as “sled” in US English, so stop singing Sledgehammer. Moving on.

Rhucroft told MAS, the Manufacturers Advisory Service:

The practicalities of taking away two or three snow sledges on holiday and carrying, paying and putting them through hold baggage is logistically and financially just not worth it, which is why thousands of families every year are left with little choice but to hire them once at a resort. My objective was to give my kids a way to sledge in safety by creating an innovative luggage solution that allowed us to take our own kit to the slopes.

The PACCA currently comes in pink, blue and green. They are currently considering the following colors:

It measures 45x35x20cm and has an 18L capacity, and weighs just 1.5KG, so it’s not too heavy for young children.

Our opinion? We think this is brilliant, for a number of reasons. While the PACCA provides snow activities for children, it’s also perfect for apres ski. If you have ever skied in Europe, you will notice that families use the sleds to pull their younger children along the streets. It sure beats having to carry your gear, along with your tired and cranky kid!

If you fly to your destination, the PACCA serves as your kid’s carry-on. Now, all you need to do is have arrange your ski transport, and, as the Brits would say, Bob’s your uncle!

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App-snow-lutely Fabulous Gadgets for Skiers

Some snow sport enthusiasts glide from the right side of their brains. They feel the snow, take in the scenery, hum to themselves and allow their minds to wander. Left brain snow sliders like details. They need to know when, where, how, how much, how long, how high and why. For these folks, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are many. Some are free. Others will cost ya’.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports is the official app of Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors, usually called PSIA-AASI. It features inspiring graphics, ski run analytics, snow reports for thousands of resorts, zoomable resort maps, activity tracking, customizable goals, a social network and leader-boards. Even better, the organizations top instructors designed a series of lessons for each snow-sliding discipline.   This app includes many innovations, including speech and  specially designed glove-friendly  interface for those sub-zero temps! The app also has an activity tracker, which tracks your runs, speed and vertical. Even better, it’s free.


If you paid full price, you did not get your lift tickets from Liftopia. This free iphone app directs you toward discounts of up to 80 percent off ski lift tickets and gear rentals at more than 150 ski resorts around the globe, from Alaska to the Alps.


This useful augmented reality app integrates the data from your phone’s camera, compass and GPS. Simply aim your phone like a camera and the names of chairlifts, restaurants, lodges and restrooms magically appear on the screen.

Perfect for guys who do not like to ask for directions, this app even displays the difficulty of the run.  RealSki works at over 100 ski resorts in North America. As an added perk, it lets you geotag your parking location, so you don’t need to haul your gear around the lot while in a state of exhausted desperation. Now, if they could only develop an app that tells you where you parked your skis!

Action Shot

The end result of a ski or snowboard trick depends on efficiency of the movement sequences that led to the final product. In the past, you needed high-tech camera equipment to capture the sequences. Now, thanks to an app appropriately called Action Shot, you can film magazine-worthy action sequences. This app is perfect for those involved in snow spot movement analysis, or for anyone who simply wants to prove their bragging rights.

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Mexico’s Mariachi Olympic Ski Uniform

In the continuing saga of Strange Sochi Stories, allow us to present the Mexico Mariachi

Olympic Ski Uniform:

Seriously! You can’t make this stuff up! But wait, the weirdness factor continues.  Mexico’s Olympic Ski Team will include the 55-year old Hubertus von Hohenlohe,  a six-time Mexican Olympian, a world-class photographer, and a musician.  Fluent in five languages and heir to an automobile fortune, he’s also a German prince.

When the NBC Olympic news coverage team asked why in heaven’s name he decided to compete in the men’s slalom, this was his response:

“Basically, I don’t really know,” von Hohenlohe said. “This dream kind of always expanded and now it’s become a test for nature, to see how far I can go. It’s always challenging and always interesting to kind of observe yourself and whether you can make it or not.”

Okay. We get it. Another inspiring story about an aging baby boomer succeeding against all odds. We love this stuff, but what is a German prince doing in Mexico? While this is not quite as strange as the Jamaican Bobsled team, Mexico is not exactly the skiing capital of the world.

Here’s the story:

Von Hohenlohe is  the son of a Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, a businessman who built the Volkswagen factory in Mexico, as well the Marbella Club, Costa del Sol’s first luxury hotel. The Mexican connection comes from his grandmother,  Piedad, a marquise and a granddaughter of a Basque adventurer who had made a fortune in Mexico.

In order to have a Mexican citizen associated with their Volkswagen, the family arranged to have one member born in that country. Hubertus was that son. Even though he spent most of his life training and competing in Europe, his Mexican citizenship gives him the right to compete in the games for the Mexican team.

So this is what 55 looks like. It’s going to be an interesting Olympic Games!

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Ski and Ride Fashion Trends for 2014

Say goodbye to on-slope subtlety in 2014. This is the year of the colors, the brighter and bolder the better.

We´re talking neon, gaudy prints, animal patterns and Native American inspired design. Check out this design that Olympic Silver medalist Danny Kass created for GNU Snowboards.

For ski divas, the unisex look is dead, and femininity flourishes. Check out the Salomon Women´s Winter Jacket in White and Wildberry

Nike recently joined the snow sport industry. This year, they are featuring the multicolored Nike Alpenglow Snowboard Jacket

If you´re really brave, you´ll wear this jacket with these boots from Thirty Two

Girls are not the only ones who want to have fun with slope style this winter. Check out this pant and jacket combo from Descente.

From a distance, this outfit looks kind of scary. Up close, you´ll notice that the pants show off his leg muscles: or rather, the leg muscles or printed into the pants design.

Oh well! Whatever floats your board in powder! The bottom line: Have fun with your ski and snowboard clothing, but remember that function is far more important than style!

Many Happy Turns!

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